Chemioterapia może doprowadzić do wyleczenia CLL

Ostatnio w BLOOD ukazał się interesujący artykuł autorstwa Thompson TA et al podsumowujący długoterminowe efekty leczenia CLL przy pomocy FCR. Bardzo interesujący jest brak progresji choroby u osób ze zmutowanym IGHV po 8-10 latach utrzymania remisji choroby – oznacza to szanse na całkowite wyleczeni CLL przy pomocy chemioterapii w tej grupie chorych.

Cały artykuł jest dostępny tutaj: link


ASH 2015 – updates

The ASH 2015 is over. For those who could not attend MEDSCAPE has prepared very nice review of the new trial results that were presented on that conference.

For me the most important trial results were CAR-T cells used in Multiple Myeloma patients. The patients included in the study presented here had on average 7 lines of previous therapy and were refractory to treatment. The patients with maximal doses of CAR-T cells had striking responses:

” The second patient treated on the 9×106CAR+ T cells/kg dose level, Patient 11, had IgG lambda MM with 80% bone marrow plasma cells before treatment.  Patient 11 experienced signs of cytokine release syndrome with toxicities including fever, tachycardia, hypotension, delirium, hypoxia, and coagulopathy.  Patient 11’s M-protein decreased from 3.6 g/dL before treatment to 0.8 g/dL 4 weeks after treatment.  His serum lambda free light chain decreased from 95.9 mg/dL before treatment to 0.15 mg/dL 4 weeks after treatment.  Four weeks after CAR T-cell infusion, bone marrow plasma cells were undetectable. ” (Source ASH 2015 abstract 87396)

This is as amazing as it gets!